Page 5 - CCE Digest 03 - 09 May, 2015
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World eBay plans to think small 57 Agri microbiology draws 78
Chinese researchers
Factory activity contracts 58 to Argentina
at fastest pace in a year
Xi meets Abe in Jakarta 44 Chinese satellites 80
China business mending, 60 monitoring Nepal
China urges Abe 45 says Yum boss quake zone
to abide by former
statements on history VC, PE frms expect much 61 Local research team 81
from rise in clean energy sequences cotton genome
US-Japan defense 45
terms blasted Country’s IPO process 62 Bat-winged dinosaur 82
being overhauled fossils found in Hebei
China, Rwanda FMs 46
hold talks Creative industries to get 63 Study aims to transform 83
boost by Industrial Park manufacturing
Cyber-security strategy 46
of US opposed Fosun buys 20% shares 64 New deep-sea research 84
of circus giant launched in Pacifc Ocean
Concern voiced over 47
Philippines-US drill First marine science lab 86
Const/Real Estate opened in Qingdao

Exodus from border town 47
hit by Nepal quake
Real estate land use drops 68 IT
China, EU to hold 47 amid property downturn
strategic dialogue
Property registration 70
process being eased Apple wins VG patent case 88
CRBC to buy steel from 71 Alibaba emerges as top 90
Kenyan manufacturers taxpaying Internet frm

China Southern set to gain 48
lot from ‘Belt and Road’ Country’s property 73 Foxconn introduces 91
loans increase cheap used iPhones

Three more FTZs launched 51 Real Estate market 74 Russians throng local 92
on Shanghai model diverges further e-commerce sites

New platforms to push 54 Sci-Tech 35 online dating websites 93
power trade prospects closed in crackdown

China will contribute Solar Impulse 2 travel Alibaba expects slice
more to global stage 55 through Nanjing 76 of smart city pie 94
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