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Traditional lenders hit by tectonic shifts

Traditional lenders hit by tectonic shifts

Editor Apr 14,2015 0 Comments

CED Monitoring BEIJING Commercial banks in China are racing to keep pace with fast-changing consumer demand, an explosion of smart and mobile technologies and nimble Internet companies that are ...

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Huawei seeks to shed image of cheap phone maker in US

CED Monitoring BEIJING Two years after US legislators branded it a national security threat, China’s Huawei Technologies Co is planning a campaign to win over US consumers, rolling out new ...

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German industry inspired by Chinese smart manufacturing

CED Monitoring BEIJING German industry of information technology and telecommunication was interested in China’s new strategy to develop smart manufacturing and would like to seek opportunities ...

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Lenovo leads Chinese brand penetration into Australia

SYDNEY Australian shopper Bill Sprawson was looking to spend A$1,500 ($1,164) on a laptop computer and had conducted his research. Sprawson was not a fan of Apple so he looked for other trusted ...

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